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Solar attic fan reduces temperature up to 40 degrees Natural Light Solar Attic Fan gray model 12 watt roof mounted solar attic fan installed on an asphalt shingle roof.
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1. Heat Builds Inside An
improperly Vented Attic

The sun beats down on a homes' roof and heats up the enclosed attic space. Passive vents (soffit or gable) allow some circulation but do not provide the pressure needed to force out the hot air.

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2. Solar Attic Fan Provides
Air Circulation

The photovoltaic panel of the solar attic fan collects sunlight that powers the fans motor to increase air movement.

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3. Air Circulation Moves
Hot Air Out Of Attic Space

The increased air circulation provides the pressure needed to force out the hot air from your attic. Attic venting can cool your attic space by up to 40 degrees!



Attic Venting Key Concepts

Attic ventilation is an important aspect of maintaining the structure of your home as well as saving energy. Improper attic venting can lead to moisture buildup that can cause mold growth and also cause wood rot. The key to proper attic ventilation is to create continuous air circulation throughout the attic space while preventing moisture from entering. In an ideal venting system, air should enter the attic from the eaves or soffits and escape outside at the roofs ridge.

Solar Attic Fans Work With Your Existing Passive Vents

If you've ever been in your attic, you know just hot the space can get, especially in summer months. The sun beats down on the roof surface and heats up the stagnant air inside the attic. Building codes require homes to have a passive vent system. But, passive ventilation does not provide the pressure needed to force the air through the attic and outside. That's where a motorized fan comes in. An attic fan placed at the roofs ridge will pull air in from outside, force it to move through the entire attic space and escape through the attic vent. In summer months, a solar attic fan can reduce the temperature in an attic by up to 40°F!

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Solar Attic Fans Operate Using Free Solar Energy

A solar attic fan is a simple way to add a motorized venting system to your home without needing any extra electrical wiring or structural changes. Natural Light Solar Attic Fans are manufactured using high-impact photovoltaic solar panels to power the fan for free all during the day. The units are fully operation right out of the box and install in less than an hour. Natural Light Solar Attic Fans are available in 4 model sizes to accommodate any attic space - 12, 24, 36, or 60 watts. They are also available in 3 mounting types: roof, curb or gable. Learn how to estimate what size unit your home needs.

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