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Key Design Advantages:
• Adjustable solar panel
• Raised solar panel
• Powder-coated inside/out
• Shape maximizes airflow
• Fully operational out of box
• Remote panel available
Steep roof solar panel angle

Steep Roof Position

Medium slope solar panel angle

Medium Roof Position

Flat roof solar panel angle

Flat Roof Position

When investing in a product to improve your home and quality of life, you want assurance it's performing efficiently and effectively. Natural Light combines precision designed components with advanced engineering to produce a unit that far surpasses industry standards. Natural Light is so confident in our solar attic fans that we offer a 25 year product warranty!

The "Original" Adjustable Solar Panel

The Original Adjustable Solar Fan LogoThe Natural Light Solar Attic Fan is designed with an exclusive adjustable bracket allowing the solar panel to be positioned at various angles for optimal solar exposure. This adjustable solar panel bracket system maximizes the sun exposure on the solar panel no matter if the unit is installed on a flat, standard pitch or steep roof. Additionally, Natural Light offers an optional special order remote solar panel that is installed away from the attic fan housing. It is used on applications where there is limited sunshine available to the installed unit. The remote panel is installed in a sunny area, capturing the maximum amount of sunlight and therefore achieving optimal attic fan performance.

Unique Shape Provides Maximum Airflow

The Natural Light Solar Attic Fan was precision engineered to minimize obstructions in the fan housing to increase air flow. It incorporates an angled throat to facilitate a Venturi or suction effect which increases cfm output and also reduces wear on the motor.

Optimum Solar Panel Performance

As a general rule, when a solar panel heats up, it becomes less efficient at converting light into energy. To combat this fact, Natural Light mounts the solar panel in a raised position. Raising the panel off of the housing reduces heat build-up and provides increased air circulation resulting in better performance. The solar panel mounting bracket allows for an envelope of cool air to continually circulate around the entire solar panel.

A Solar Attic Fan Model for Every Roof Type

Natural Light manufactures a solar attic fan for both residential and commercial use. The roof-mounted solar attic fan installs directly to the roof including shingle, shake and tile roofs (an additional flashing skirt is needed for tile installations). The gable-mounted model attaches to your homes existing gable opening and is powered by a remote solar panel.  The curb mounted solar attic fan, generally used for commercial applications, attaches to a pre-built curb and can vent up to 3,100 square feet per unit. Read more about each solar attic fan model.

Easy Installation with No Maintenance

The Natural Light Solar Attic Fan is fully operational right out of the box. Because it is powered completely by the solar energy, the unit does not need any additional electrical wiring. Natural Light has many dealers nationwide who can help you choose the correct model size needed for your home and professionally install it. Or, a homeowner with basic DIY skills can easily install the unit in about an hour. Read more about easy installation.


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25 year product warranty on all Natural Light Solar Attic Fans. Learn About Solar Attic Fant Warranty

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Solar attic fans install easily with no wiring or structural changes. Easy DIY Homeowner Installation

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